Why We Draw


Mark making is one of the oldest forms of communication we have. Drawing – of symbols – was the first way we communicated with each other across time and space. Of course we have language, and the Internet now. Much more efficient. Why do we still draw? I don’t think there’s a simple answer to

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May Drawing Practice: Mandalas


Today’s post is part of a new series I’m planning of monthly updates on my drawing practice. This blog was started, 8 years ago now, as a journal of me teaching myself to draw and paint. Since that process never ends, I thought it would be nice to come full circle and start doing that again

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If Not Now, When?


It’s way too easy to put off things until we think the time will be right for them. We tend to do this even more with the things that are the most important to us. Something important like, say, drawing regularly. Like finally committing to making the time to practice our drawing – to do

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Hidden Patterns: How to design pictures like Veronese


Whether you like Veronese’s pictures or not, there’s no arguing with the fact that he designed beautiful compositions. I think you can feel that compositional beauty, even if you’re not aware of how it’s been created. I think you feel beauty in your soul. You resonate with it. And in a sense, it doesn’t matter

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Why We’re Forgetting How to See – And What To Do About It


The Internet scares me. Through it, I’ve reached and connected with a larger group of people like me, of artists working to improve their skills, than I could have ever thought possible. I’ve learned a huge amount about art and approaches to practice that I would have struggled to learn otherwise. But the Internet still

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On Fresh Starts – and Learning to Ride a Bike


I’m teaching our five-year old son, Luc, to ride his new bike (a Christmas present from his grandma and granddad). Here’s how we approach it: We begin at the top of a steep hill. He climbs on, and I give him a hard push. He has to hang on and try not to fall off.

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Habit Change for Artists – Leo Babauta of Zen Habits


A few days ago I had the priviledge of firing a few questions at Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. For several years, Leo has been writing one of the most useful blogs on the Internet (for my money) about habit change. In this interview, Leo talks about habit change with specific reference to artists and

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