Twenty Drawings of Hands

Drawing hands is very good practice. Hands are an odd shape, an intricate collection of muscles and bones, which makes them quite difficult to draw convincingly. I started this series so I could practice my drawing (and seeing) on something less personaly involving than self-portraits.

The idea behind this series was that I should get less caught up in trying to produce a nice, finished drawing and so hopefully concentrate more on the drawing technique without getting too precious about it. The plan is then to apply what I learn here back to self portraits, and portrait drawings in general, when I've finished.

The last drawings were done four months after the first one. My whole approach to drawing has chaged over that time. As I write this, I'm currently drawing only with line, and I'm concentrating on trying to get the main shapes right. I plan to revisit this theme for a second series when I start using tone again.

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