Twenty Drawings of Noses

This series is a mixture of copies of old master drawings of noses, a few from a marble bust of Clytie, and the remainder of my own lumpen protuberance. The series also shows the development of my drawing at the time - from first beginnings, to a removal of tone and a concentration on line, to the gradual reintroduction of tone.

Lately I've been thinking about revisiting some of these features series, with a view to the construction beneath the surface. I've a feeling that the nose would be best viewed as two sections - the hard central bone, just below the skin, and the fleshy part with the nostrils and the end of the nose. But I'm also coming to the conclusion lately that the position of the feature on the face is more important that the drawing of the feature itself. A nose drawn out of position will look odd no matter how well it's drawn.

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